Russian Royalty - SPY GIRL has been extensively photographed
and has appeared in music videos and commercials Worldwide.

SPY GIRL has an exotic euro-style and a strong, sexy voice. She has created a masterpiece work with SPY GIRL; she is also a vocalist - song writer of dance pop grooves with ballsy guitars and autobiographical lyrics. It’s a fun place to be, where her power is fashion, Female Power, Traveling and Romance.

An icon of youthful sophistication and dazzling charm, She arrived in America from The Conservatory of Moscow where she was well-schooled in the performing arts subsequent to her family’s post-war refuge in Siberia. A heady combination of Talent, Beauty and Poise.

SPY GIRL teaches “Girlz Rulz", an inspiring anthem to
acting a lady who always gets her man.

One of simultaneous singles, “Girlz Rulz” is a perfect match of dance floor sexy strut and flashy rock & roll guitar action, as she purrs 10 declarations of independence, including “Make him wait; don’t give up on the first date... stay in shape and keep your cool ... always be a little cruel... never say ‘I Love You “first”, and with a nod to certain boudoir scandals of late, “Never get caught on tape,”

The Track, Like the rest of the album, is fun and infectious, but it has the 24 carat gold ring of truth to it.

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